WinterHaven (Ammon Jack, Brendo Goepfrich, Scrotum Henderson, Nick Schira) is a ctrl-alt-punk band influenced heavily by Pierce The Veil, Alkaline Trio, and The Offspring, as well as artists like Paramore, Infant Sorrow, Backstreet Boys, and the soundtrack to Pirates Of The Caribbean. They have been frequently described as having a sound reminiscent of the early 90’s, and are making a goal to bring music they’ve fallen in love with back into the mainstream.

WinterHaven has attracted a solid and rapidly growing fan base over the 4 years they've been around, with two full length albums released ("Apparition" recorded and produced by Dave @Mudshark Studios, B3 recorded and produced by Matt Good @Switchblade Studios)  Their new EP " Carpe Natem" will be released June 30th 2023, utilizing help from Joey Bradford (The Used) and Ryan "Fluff" Bruce (Dragged Under).


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