WinterHaven (Jack Hernandez, Brendo Goepfrich, Scrotum Henderson, Nick Schira) is a pop punk band influenced heavily by Pierce The Veil, Alkaline Trio, and The Offspring, as well as artists like Paramore, Infant Sorrow, Backstreet Boys, and the soundtrack to Pirates Of The Caribbean. They have been frequently described as having a sound reminiscent of the early 90’s - 2000’s. They hope to bring music they’ve fallen in love with back into the mainstream. 

WinterHaven was formed while the guys were in high school in 2018/19 with current members Brendan, Colton & Jack. They started jamming and playing shows locally in Flagstaff,Az.  They quickly expanded to Phoenix and a few shows in Southern Ca. The guys got together with a local musician and recorded their first demo, Dear You in a home studio,

After winning Flagstaff’s Battle of the Bands, they were awarded recording time at a local studio, Mudshark studios in Flagstaff, Az.  They recorded their first album Apparition in 2019/20 there. 

In early 2020 drummer Nick Schira joined WinterHaven,and shortly after that they released Apparition. 

In the Fall of 2020, WinterHaven’s second album B3 was recorded with producer Matt Good at Switchblade studios in Tempe,Az. They released a few singles, ramping up to the full release of B3. The album was released in 2021, along with the music videos for songs Ted Cruz and Hold on. They also resumed playing live shows again as Covid restrictions were lifted.  

January 2022 they returned to the studio, but this time in Southern California with Joey Bradford  at the Vibeatorium where they recorded 4 singles with him, 2 of which were released in 2022.  Mixed and mastered by Ryan " Fluff" Bruce

Spring 2022 the young band landed on the bill for Punk in Drublic in Phoenix, Az with legendary punk bands NOFX, BOUNCING SOULS, LAGWAGON and more….  

Throughout the spring of 2022 they continued to play shows with touring punk bands such as Bad Cop Bad Cop, Authority Zero and more. 

In May 2022 they kept the momentum going as they opened for 311, where they were the only support band for the show. WinterHaven continued to regularly play live shows throughout the summer of 2022 and in July released their first single recorded at the Vibeatorium, Puppets. 

In the Fall of 2022 the band filmed and released a music video for Carpe Natem, the second single they had recorded at the Vibeatorium. In November of 2022 WinterHaven found themselves once again on the lineup of a huge punk festival in Orange County California - Punk in the Park. The headliners of this festival were Bad Religion and The Dropkick Murphys as well as some of the biggest / best known bands in the punk genre. Punk in the Park was voted one of the top 10 concerts of the year by the Orange County register.  

What's in store for 2023….?  

WinterHaven kicked off 2023 with an incredible high energy show with post hardcore emo band Scary Kids Scaring Kids reunion tour at their hometown show at The Nile theater in Mesa,Az. 

They are continuing to write new music and will be heading back into the studio this spring once again at the Vibeatorium with Joey Bradford, while continuing to play live shows.